Fundraising Event, November 5th – Albany, NY

From Our Community to Yours

Wishi Project Fundraiser to Support Construction of Primary School in Ecuador

Friday, Nov. 5
5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Albany Art Room
457 Madison Ave., Albany

The Wishi Project, an Albany-based initiative to establish a school for children in an indigenous Ecuadorian community, will hold a fundraiser at the Albany Art Room to coincide with Albany’s 1st Friday in November.

The Wishi Project was founded by Albany resident Elizabeth Gray upon her return from the isolated Wishi Community in April 2010. The mission of the Wishi Project is to raise $20,000 to establish a primary school for the children of the Wishi Community in Ecuador, providing them with a basic education and helping to preserve the indigenous Shuar language and culture.

The event will include a silent auction of locally and internationally made art, jewelry and gift baskets; a slide show featuring the Wishi community; and the opportunity to learn more about the project and the children who will ultimately benefit. There will also be food and activities for attendees of all ages.

Wishi Project is collaborating with Eden’s Rose Foundation, an Albany-based nonprofit that builds basic need centers for communities around the world, as well as Fundación Ecuador Volunteer in Ecuador.

“I have had incredible support thus far from local businesses, individuals, schools and community groups. I have been so inspired by this that I have come to see this project as something that we are doing as a community – each of us doing what we can to make this dream a reality. For this reason we will call the fundraiser From Our Community to Yours; a gift from all of us in the Albany community and beyond to this small village in the middle of the Ecuador rainforest.” -Project Founder, Elizabeth Gray



If you cannot attend the event but would like to contribute to the project, visit:

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